$99.00 USD


Posture & Spinal Mobility Assessment

Over two-thirds of people in the world today have the distorted spine and posture that leads to chronic issues, including fatigue, pain and disability, arthritis, anxiety & mood problems, accelerated aging, & increased medication use. Plus, multiple studies show this deformed spinal posture significantly increases the risk of death from HEART disease, PULMONARY issues, and ALL CAUSES!

With our society increasingly living in prolonged, forward flexed postures - sitting at computer & on the couch, driving, lying & sleeping propped up on pillows, living on our phones - this weakened, abnormal spine has become a serious problem.

Because the spine is the foundation of health, energy, and strength in the body, we’ll assess your posture and spinal mobility as a source of your symptoms, dysfunction, and/or disease (especially chronic pain, low energy/fatigue, anxiety and mood issues, medication use).

During your appointment, we will:
→Discuss your top 3 health concerns
Review your top health and life goals, and see how your health is impacting your ability to reach them
Assess your posture and spinal mobility: When it’s outside the ranges of normal, it increases the stress on your body and nervous system, leading to accelerated breakdown, degeneration, and aging.
Give you recommendations based on the results of your Posture & Mobility Assessment.

**IMPORTANT: This is a visual assessment using Zoom, so you must have access and be on video during your appointment.**

It's time to Be Your Own Guarantee for your spine, health, and life.

Dr. Ryan