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Next Level Neuro
BYOG Party

Discover how to speed up your recovery from joint and muscle pain, low energy, dizziness, weakness, brain fog, long-covid and more chronic issues!

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During the Next Level Neuro BYOG Party...

  • Discover how your brain-body connection contributes to ongoing issues OR your successful recovery
  • What are the MOST important factors you need to know about chronic conditions?
  • How to use your BRAIN to fix your chronic BODY conditions (and how to test if it's working)
  • Real Survivor Case Studies: See how they accomplished 100% recovery from their chronic conditions
  • And so much more!

LIVE Virtual BYOG Party was on
Wednesday, December 20th at 4pm ET

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About Matt Bush

Matt Bush is the founder of Next Level Neuro and an internationally known instructor of Applied Neurology, Sport Science, Athletic Development, and High Performance Coaching.

He has accrued over 10,000 hours of course instruction and coaching for physios, personal trainers, athletic coaches, chiropractors, yoga & pilates instructors, and other health & fitness professionals.

LIVE Virtual BYOG Party was on
Wednesday, December 20th at 4pm ET

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