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Could It Be Your Spine?

Have you ever truly addressed your Spine & Posture as a source of chronic health issues?

The spine is the foundation of strength & mobility in the body. This is my core program to give you what you need to start building and maintaining a strong spine… and enjoy an active life!


What Are People Saying...


"I was looking for an alternative to pain medicine and wanted a healthier lifestyle. I had very bad sciatica down my right leg, and couldn’t walk upright due to the pain in my lower back. I had tried muscle relaxers, pain medicine, physical therapy, and other conventional medicine.

As a husband and a father, taking care of my family is the most important thing to me. When I first started I couldn’t stand up, let alone work all day to support my family. It wasn’t easy, but with your help I’m able to enjoy time with my wife and daughters pain free."

Dave O'berry
"I’m so happy my family and I found you. You don’t just do the same old pop and crack to everyone that walks through the door. You actually gave me an effective treatment plan that worked!

Here I am out of pain and feeling much better about my health.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

Lisa Sillman
"Before seeing Dr. Ryan I had been having issues for probably 20 years to a point where I simply could not do what I wanted to do. I was starting to lose sleep and it was worsening. After only a few months of starting with Dr. Ryan, I was able to rake my lawn and I realized that’s something I had not done in years. I only wish I had started with Dr. Ryan long before I did. I am feeling great and hope others can get the same results I have. I recommend him to anyone experiencing certain health issues anytime I can. Thank you for giving me my life back."
Craig Thelen
"My initial problem was mainly low back pain. I decided to make an appointment because I was tired of constantly being in pain. I was initially concerned about the cost but being able to do monthly payments was helpful. During care I noticed an improvement in my low back pain and also in other areas that I didn't think were even related to chiropractic (headaches, heartburn, etc.) I love having a standing appointment because I know I'll always be ahead of the curve if I do develop any issues."
Emily Zender
"I wasn’t able to live my life because of my chronic debilitating pain and headaches.

Thank you for what you’ve done for me. It’s definitely worth any cost.

Now that I’m able to do all these things with my family, I feel better about myself, the time I’m spending with my kids, the investment I made into my health and future. I’m able to work more and participate in life more."

Jessica Jordan
"I was being treated for Rheumatoid or some other sort of arthritis and I was being given prescription medications.

Now, I’m pain-free. I’m exercising. I’m off prescription medications and I’m grateful."
Mary Buzzie

What We Can Accomplish Together

My mission is to help you break-free from dependence on pills, potions, and procedures, and Be Your Own Guarantee for pain-free, active, healthy living!

And we accomplish that by correcting and strengthening your spinal structure so you can sustainably upgrade posture, mobility, balance, energy, and strength.


Don't Waste Anymore Time And Energy Dealing With Your Pain!

Learn Simple Solutions to Hydrate, Move, & Support Your Spine, Maintain Healthy Postures, and Live a Pain-Free, Active Life.