Unlock the Secrets to Resolve Chronic Pain, Improve Strength & Mobility, and Be Active for Life...

UPRIGHT is Your Monthly Source to Build a Strong Spine & Pain-Free, Active Life.

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No more endless Google searches for "How to Fix My Back" leading to a black hole of confusing info and never-ending jargon.

Are you tired of living with pain?

Uncomfortable, slumped posture?

Horrible balance and mobility?

Is it hard getting up from a chair without moaning and groaning, and close to impossible getting down and up from the floor?

Well, hold on to your seats because there's something about to rock your spinal health world, my friend.

Get Ready for Spine-Tingling Transformation.

After helping 1000's of patients strengthen their spine, health, and lives over the last two decades...

It's time to share how you can strengthen your spinal structure to enjoy:

😌 Less (or no!) pain
⚡️ Increased energy
💪 More mobility & strength
🏃 Easier movement
⚖️ Better balance
📉 Reduced reliance on medications

A stronger spine can lead to a more mobile, active, healthy, pain-free, drug-less life.

A Simple, Practical, & Affordable Solution Can Transform Your Life.

Can I let you in on something?

You don’t need MORE stuff or fluff, especially when it comes to your spinal health, pain, mobility or strength.

There’s no call for confusing, overwhelming, or intimidating advice.

But, you do need accurate & reliable information.


The answer is a digestible monthly resource that hits the sweet spot between plan and action.

A resource that shows you what can help and how to do it, month after month.

Introducing UPRIGHT!!!

Your Monthly Roadmap to Uncover the Potential of Your Spinal Health, Strength, & Mobility.

What's Inside UPRIGHT Each Month?

🔋 Spinal Supercharge: Each month, I'm dishing out carefully curated spinal exercises and mobility workouts. Say goodbye to a creaky back and difficulty getting out of your chair or off the floor.

💡 Spine Mastery: This is your spinal condition corner. Get advice on arthritis, scoliosis, neck pain, back pain, spinal stenosis, spondylosis, osteoporosis, disc health, headaches/migraines, fibromyalgia and more. Dive into a different condition each month. I'm breaking it down so even your mom could understand it.

🪑 Posture Perfect Habits: Simple tweaks in your lifestyle and dialing in those ergonomic adjustments can unleash a MASSIVE transformation in your spinal and overall health. From nailing perfect desk ergonomics to unlocking the sleep posture secrets, these easy, everyday practices will have you feeling like a million bucks.

🍏 Nutri-Bites for Your Back: Who knew food could be your spine's BFF? Discover delicious recipes and nutrition hacks to keep your bones and discs in top shape. It's a party in your mouth that your spine will thank you for.

Speedy Reads: I know you're a busy bee, so I condensed all this juicy info into 15 to 20 pages of pure awesomeness. No fluff, no fuss – just the good stuff you need.

What are Dr. Ryan's programs like, you ask??

I’m so happy my family and I found you. You don’t just do the same old pop and crack to everyone that walks through the door. You actually gave me an effective treatment plan that worked!

Here I am out of pain and feeling much better about my health.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Lisa Sillman
"Before seeing Dr. Ryan I had been having issues for probably 20 years to a point where I simply could not do what I wanted to do. I was starting to lose sleep and it was worsening. After only a few months of starting with Dr. Ryan, I was able to rake my lawn and I realized that’s something I had not done in years. I only wish I had started with Dr. Ryan long before I did. I am feeling great and hope others can get the same results I have. I recommend him to anyone experiencing certain health issues anytime I can. Thank you for giving me my life back.
Craig Thelen

I wasn’t able to live my life because of my chronic debilitating pain and headaches.

Thank you for what you’ve done for me. It’s definitely worth any cost.

Now that I’m able to do all these things with my family, I feel better about myself, the time I’m spending with my kids, the investment I made into my health and future. I’m able to work more and participate in life more.

Jessica Jordan


Your Monthly Digital Publication for Strong Spine & Posture Solutions

My name is Dr. Ryan Wohlfert and I have a simple philosophy for health and life:
Be Your Own Guarantee (“BYOG” for short).

This includes your SPINAL health.

I've been in the spinal healthcare field for over 23 years, and there's a complete lack of programs mentioning, let alone addressing, your spinal health.

It's the missing piece to...

💪SUSTAINABLY heal from chronic pain & conditions,

🚫 BREAK-FREE from dependence on pharmaceuticals, and

🔓BE YOUR OWN GUARANTEE for active living.

The Primary Piece Missing From 99.9% of All Health Programs?

Spinal Structural Correction.

The actual remodeling and retraining of spinal posture.

Taking maximum stress off the bones, joints, discs, and nervous system... FOR GOOD!

Correcting a distorted spine is similar to correcting crooked teeth.
In both cases, pushing on 'em once a week, month, or year just won't cut it.

Here's the deal: most spinal "alignment" methods are not strengthening your spine structure to withstand the prolonged stresses life regularly places on it.

And shouldn't that be the goal of EVERY spinal health program??


🚀 Beta Launch Exclusive: Be among the first to access this groundbreaking resource. Forget paying over $50/month like the rest of the world. I'm inviting you to join the beta party for just $15/month - that's only 50¢ per day (and waaay less than the cost of your daily latte). This is your chance to lock in this no-brainer price forever.

🌈 Life Upgraded: Picture a life where you wake up without pain, where you stand tall with confidence, and where you feel unstoppable. UPRIGHT is your golden ticket to this upgraded life one, step at a time.

💯 No-Risk Guarantee: I'm so confident that UPRIGHT will blow your mind that I'm offering a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. If it's not your jam within the first month, I'll give you your money back.

Take advantage of the

Special BETA Launch Price!


Monthly Subscription

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$15/ month

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    One carefully curated & digestible PDF straight to your inbox each month

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    *NEW* spinal exercises, recipes, lifestyle adjustments, and spinal correction techniques each issue

Is There a Catch?

The prices of my previous programs have been anywhere from $50 to $300.

But, before I raise the price of UPRIGHT, I want to make sure this works for you.

Selfishly, I want to make sure it works for me, too.

If it's not working for either of us, it's not gonna last.

So here's what I'm doing:

I'm launching this as a beta test group. A pilot program. Version 1.0.

I'd love for you to be involved, and even shape the future of UPRIGHT editions.

Let's try for a month and see how it goes.

You'll get the first month's spinal mobility & stability exercises, recipes, lifestyle adjustment, and spinal correction technique.

If you like it, and I like it, it works, and the feedback is positive... Beautiful! We'll keep going.

If not, that's all right, too. I'll cancel it or you cancel it, no problem. We’ll part this venture as friends, and try something else.

Get Immediate Access to


The "No-Brainer" Price


Monthly Subscription

Auto renews monthly

$15/ month

  • Less than 50¢/day

  • Renews automatically

  • ➡ 

    Cancel anytime

  • Lifetime Price Lock

  • ➡ 

    One carefully curated & digestible PDF straight to your inbox each month

  • ➡ 

    *NEW* spinal exercises, recipes, lifestyle adjustments, and spinal correction techniques each issue

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Here. You. Go.

In Addition To The Monthly Spinal Exercises, Recipes & Advice,You'll Get These FREE BONUSES To Make Your Spinal Health & Life Easier.



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