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Master Your Brain for Optimal Posture with Joe Stauffacher

brain training byog party replay strong spine Jun 30, 2023

During this BYOG Party, Joe Stauffacher focused on training your brain and nervous system through neuro drills to improve posture, balance, and overall health.

Key Takeaways from the party include:

  • Your nervous system has its own language: You can learn how it speaks to you through assessing how your body responds to different drills.
  • 70-85% of posture is mediated by the vision and vestibular/balance systems, not just muscles. So neuro drills that train vision and balance are crucial.
  • Simple neuro drills include: eye cupping to relax the nervous system, ear tugs to activate the vagus nerve, crossed ankle twists to stimulate the vagus nerve, shoulder presses with light weights to activate under-used muscles, and long exhales to trigger relaxation.
  • Assess range of motion or flexibility before and after drills to see if your body responds positively. Your nervous system will like drills that create bigger gains.
  • Start with just 2-3 reps for a few seconds, then gradually increase time and complexity as your body adapts. But don't overdo it. The goal is the maximum useful dose.
  • Be your own guarantee. There's no magic medical cloud that connects all your providers. You need to track your own progress with drills and biometrics.
  • Work with a neuro coach who can watch how you move and customize drills based on your individual stuck points. But ultimately you must learn your own body.
  • Consistency matters. Doing just 3-5 minutes of these customized drills 3-5 times per day can create huge changes over time by retraining your nervous system.

Watch the video and participate in all the Neuro Training with Joe.




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