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Naturally Minded Parenting in the Modern Medical World with Dr. Joel “Gator” Warsh

byog party replay clean eating detox daily Aug 23, 2023

Dr. Joel "Gator" Warsh is a pediatrician who practices integrative medicine, blending conventional and alternative approaches. He became frustrated with the limitations of mainstream medicine and wanted to incorporate more of a focus on prevention and lifestyle.

Dr. Gator graciously joined us for this BYOG Party to share his expertise and experience including...

  • The shocking overprescription of antibiotics, especially for ear infections in kids. Find out the actual guidelines and natural remedies you can try first at home.
  • The important question you should be asking before any medication or vaxine. Are they telling you to just do it??
  • The money incentive behind the lack of long-term research on medications.
  • If you've felt frustrated by the lack of open discussions and balanced information on vaxes, hear Dr. Gator’s advice on how to make truly informed choices for your family.
  • The terrifying statistic about the rise in chronic childhood diseases, and what he believes is overwhelming kids’ natural detox ability, resulting in illness.
  • Advice on how small but consistent lifestyle changes have the power to make a big difference in overcoming chronic disease risks.
  • The innovative and proactive ways to search for holistic docs near you.
  • #1 simple tip to start making immediate positive impacts on your kids’ nutrition.

Watch the video to hear directly from Dr. Gator and get his insightful perspectives on children’s health and navigating pediatric care.

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