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Movement Experience with Jana Danielson

byog party replay pain free movement strong spine May 19, 2023

Learn simple yet powerful movements to improve your health with movement expert Jana Danielson in this special BYOG Party.

In this engaging discussion on using spinal mobility exercises as medicine for your body, Jana explains how movement and breathing work together to oxygenate the body and reduce stress. When we hold our breath, it triggers our sympathetic nervous system, preparing for danger. Deep belly breathing sends a signal of safety, allowing muscles to relax.

She then outlines the natural curves and mobility of the spine, which should move in 5 ways daily:

  1. Spinal flexion (rounding forward)
  2. Spinal extension (arching back)
  3. Lateral flexion (side bending)
  4. Rotation
  5. Inversion (tailbone higher than heart)

Next, Jana leads us through sample spinal exercises on the floor and in a chair:

  • Diaphragmatic breathing - Expands the belly on inhale, tightens on exhale. Fills the body with oxygen.
  • Spinal flexion - Tucks tailbone, eliminates arch in low back. Strengthens core.
  • Spinal extension - Lifts chest, creates space between vertebrae. Opens up body emotionally.
  • Rotation - Twists spine with control. Massages organs.
  • Lateral flexion - Reaches sideways with straight spine. Engages obliques.
  • Inversion - Raises hips in bridge. Irrigates spine with fluid.

She emphasizes doing these slowly, subtly, and with focus on form - quality over quantity. Just 5 minutes a day can make a HUGE difference!

Jana closes by encouraging us to see our body as a masterpiece and remain patient with its ebbs and flows. Small hiccups signal a need to pause, listen, and respond.




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