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Next Level Neuro with Matt Bush

brain training byog party replay pain free movement Dec 21, 2023

Feeling overwhelmed by chronic symptoms? Learn how to tap into your brain's power to promote healing in your ENTIRE body.

During this engaging and hands-on BYOG Party, neurology expert Matt Bush shares little-known secrets to improving your nervous system function.

You'll be amazed at how simple inputs like wearing color glasses, putting in an earplug, or touching your tongue to the roof of your mouth can create big changes in how you feel.

Key Takeaways from the party:

  • Your nervous system controls all of your symptoms and outputs. To make lasting change, focus on changing the inputs to your brain rather than just treating the outputs.
  • Using tools like ab belts, earplugs, and color glasses creates passive nervous system inputs that can lower threat levels and survival responses.
  • After any neurology exercise, reassess range of motion or symptoms. If it improves, keep doing it. If worse, discard it.
  • Repeat exercises multiple times per day for compounding benefits as your brain rewards you with dopamine for positive results.
  • Adapt exercises every 4-6 weeks as your nervous system adapts to the inputs. Track reassessments to know when it's time to modify.
  • Activate the thinking brain with blue light. Calm the survival brain with red light. Find what color works best for you.
  • Survival responses like inflammation and anxiety protect you, but continuing symptoms mean your nervous system still perceives threat.
  • Tongue position, hand movements, and ankle tilts created vastly different responses in attendees, proving inputs impact nervous system state.
  • Case studies show resolution of long-term dizziness, abdominal pain, motion sickness, and more using these simple tools and training.
  • This approach gives hope because if inputs change, outputs can change - no condition has to be permanent. 

The full video breakdown gives you the specifics and walks you through trying out various tools & techniques. (Plus, you can download the slides HERE.)

Set aside just 3 minutes a few times daily and prepare for improvements!

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