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Neuro Training 2.0 with Joe Stauffacher

brain training byog party replay pain free movement strong spine Dec 08, 2023

During this BYOG Party, Neuro Trainer Joe Stauffacher walks you through the keys to optimizing your nervous system for better health, reduced pain, and enhanced performance no matter your age or current physical state.

Drawing on the latest neuroscience research and in-the-trenches experience helping people transform their lives, Joe provides a masterclass on becoming your own health guarantee..

Key Takeaways from the party include:

  • Your posture and coordination depend more on neurological factors like vision, balance, and proprioception than muscle strength. Simple drills can “remap” your nervous system.
  • Physical or emotional stress raises your "threat thermometer," tensing your body, restricting movement, and causing pain. Assess your threat level and do calming drills to lower it.
  • Pain indicates high threat level. By calming your nervous system, you can often significantly reduce pain.
  • Your brain maps sensory signals from one side of your body to nerves on the other side. So you can do drills on your limb opposite an injury site to calm your nerves and ease the area’s pain.
  • Vision and inner ear balance sense are highest priority threats since they link directly to the brain. Remapping them with drills can profoundly impact posture, coordination, pain and performance.
  • Proprioception, your sense of position, movement and sensation, is the first priority to train since it quickly builds body awareness and calms nerves.
  • Assess range of motion or performance before and after any drill to see if your nervous system “likes” it – increased range or performance means it's helpful.
  • Stacking breathing, balance and vision drills creates powerful multisensory effects to optimize nervous system functioning.
  • For results, neuro training takes simple, short, frequent practice rather than long, intense sessions. Overdoing neuro drills can backfire.

Watch the video and participate in all the Neuro Training with Joe.




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