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Create Safe Water with Patrick Durkin

byog party replay detox daily hydration Jun 13, 2024

 You know how important water is for our health, right? But what if I told you that not all water is created equal? At this fantastic BYOG Party, we get to sit down with Patrick Durkin, an inspiring entrepreneur and water expert, to dive deep into the mysteries of structured water. Get ready to have your mind blown and rethink everything you thought you knew about hydration.

In this enlightening discussion, Patrick Durkin shares his remarkable personal journey from a successful yet unfulfilled financial advisor to a passionate advocate for structured water. Driven by his own experiences with chronic pain and illness, Patrick discovered the profound healing properties of water when properly energized and aligned with nature's frequencies.

Patrick emphasizes that all water is structured – it's a matter of whether it's structured in harmony with nature or towards chaos. He introduces a three-part framework for evaluating water: 1) energetics, 2) purity, and 3) mineral content. By prioritizing the energetics or vibrational frequencies of water, we can harness its innate ability to support our body's natural healing processes.

Through his company, The Wellness Enterprise, Patrick offers innovative devices like the Aqua Energizer, which uses vortex spin and sacred geometry to structure water in alignment with nature's patterns. These devices require no filters or maintenance, making them a sustainable and cost-effective solution for accessing truly living water.

Patrick also shares practical tips for those on a budget, such as using sea salt, lemon juice, or simple blessings to enhance the structure and vitality of water. He encourages experimentation and self-discovery, suggesting a "three days on, three days off" approach to identify the water regimen that resonates best with one's body and beliefs.

10 Takeaway Points:

1. All water is structured – the key is whether it's structured towards harmony or chaos.
2. Prioritize the energetics or vibrational frequencies of water for optimal health benefits.
3. Structured water devices like the Aqua Energizer use vortex spin and sacred geometry to align water with nature's patterns.
4. No filters or maintenance are required, making these devices a sustainable and cost-effective solution.
5. Evaluate water based on three factors: energetics, purity, and mineral content.
6. For those on a budget, use sea salt, lemon juice, or blessings to enhance water structure and vitality.
7. Experiment with a "three days on, three days off" approach to find the water regimen that resonates best.
8. Hydration is essential, but drinking structured, living water takes it to a whole new level.
9. Structured water can support spiritual awakening and connection to one's true essence.
10. By aligning with the vibrations of living water, we can collectively shift the world towards greater harmony.

This BYOG Party promises to be a transformative experience, shattering conventional beliefs about water and opening your eyes to its profound healing and spiritual potential. Prepare to be inspired and empowered to take control of your hydration journey like never before.


Aqua Energizer Structured Water Devices

Flow: From Pure and Safe Water to Higher States of Consciousness (Patrick's book)


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