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Supplement Activation with Dr. Brett Brimhall

byog party replay clean eating supplements Jun 15, 2023

Want to unlock your body's innate healing powers? Discover supplements that actually work by activating your cells at a genetic level. Join us as Dr. Brett reveals the future of medicine - nutrigenomics.

Have you ever felt like you're just barely getting by health-wise, even when your labs look "normal"? What if you could take targeted supplements that speak the language of your genes to boost healing, energy, and longevity? That's the fascinating field of nutrigenomics - using nutrients tailored to your genetic profile to flip wellness switches in the body.

During this BYOG Party, Dr. Brett unveils the extraordinary breakthroughs that are transforming health starting at the cellular level, including:

  • Most supplements simply add ingredients your body may or may not use. Nutrigenomic supplements activate genetic switches to enhance natural healing.*
  • The NRF2 activator, Protandim NRF2, reduces oxidative stress/inflammation up to 70% by turning on antioxidant pathways.*
  • Axio, a nootropic drink, combats brain fatigue by optimizing cellular energy and neurotransmission.*
  • These supplements create changes at the genetic level to boost function in a human-specific (not condition-specific) way.*
  • Activated Liquid Collagen turns on collagen production, replenishes collagen levels, and prevents collagen breakdown for youthful skin and joints.*
  • Nutrigenomic testing identifies which genes need up or downregulation and creates individualized supplements accordingly.*
  • The future of medicine lies in using food and nutrients to flip wellness switches through epigenetics before disease develops.*
  • Lifestyle habits like diet, toxins, and stress strongly influence genetic expression – optimizing these allows us to “be our own guarantee” of health.*
  • Children and teens respond quickly when giving their cells the tools to learn and focus better (e.g. with Axio).*
  • Leading an active, meaningful life starts with getting your cells into “a state of ease” so they have the energy to power performance.*

Want to learn more about how targeted nutrition can upgrade your health? Get life-changing insights from the full talk and contact Dr. Brett to empower yourself at a cellular level. Your cells are waiting for the right signals to unlock their potential - give them what they need to thrive!

Interested in the research? Check it out right here.

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